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About Us

About Us

Founded in 2016 in Karaköy, PITANE; As a colorful, living brand with its unique ceramic and jewelry designs, it continues to grow together with our dreams.

PITANE; Besides being the ancient name of the Çandarlı district of İzmir, which is rumored to have been founded by an Amazon queen named Pitane, it also means "the land of wise women", "endless grains" and "plenty of water". Pitane was established as a boutique business that brings to life unique handmade products in the field of ceramics and jewelry in Karaköy with an epic curiosity and enthusiasm inspired by the power of the hidden stories of these lands. PITANE, which has an in-house jewelry workshop; Through the artists he works with, he unearths the hidden stories from their hiding places and brings historical forms into unique and modern ones. By combining the symbols and stories of the past with the aesthetic attitude of today, it tries to create new meanings in our lives with new forms and patterns in the field of jewelry and ceramics.